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Traveller Mountain Loop Trail, Baxter State Park

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Helon Taylor Trail



Views from Keep Ridge on the Helon Taylor Trail at Baxter State Park

Quick Facts

Difficulty strenuous
Trail Type linear
Distance 2.9 miles (4.7 km)
Estimated Time 3-4 hrs one way
Surface Type rock
Elevation Range 3,317 feet (1,011 m)
Total Ascent 3,343 feet (1,019 m)
Features peak, ridge
Trail Markers blue paint
Scenery Rating beautiful
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception variable
Dog Friendly no
Fees park entrance


The Helon Taylor Trail starts to climb as soon as it leaves the Chimney Pond Trail. It is a steady climb up to a ridge. It is a much more gradual climb than any of the other trails up the mountain. Once up above treeline on the ridge you will get amazing views to the north, east and south. To the north you will seen Turner Mountain and Traveler Mountain in the distance. There is a bit of boulder scrambling before you get up on the ridge and on the final ascent up to the peak from the ridge.

Boulder along the the ridge on the Helon Taylor Trail

There are some interesting boulders on the end of the ridge. One is rounded and angular and must have been shaped by the winds. Another is a large boulder sitting on several smaller boulders. A cairn has been built on top of the large boulder.

Looking at the Knife's Edge from Pamola Peak on the Helon Taylor Trail

At Pamola Peak you will get spectacular views of the Knife Edge leading to Baxter Peak and surrounding Great Basin. You will also see the Saddle and Hamlin Ridge on the right.


For directions to the park go to the Baxter State Park page.

The Helon Taylor Trail is a short distance in the Chimney Pond Trail, which is accessed from the Roaring Brook Campground parking lot. This is the busiest parking lot in the park because it accesses most of the trails up Mount Katahdin. Parking reservations are required unless you are camping at Roaring Brook Campground. You can find more information about parking reservations here.

To access the Roaring Brook Campground from the Togue Pond Gatehouse turn right just past the gatehouse. Drive for 7.9 miles (12.7 km) and you will come to Roaring Brook Campground. Park here. You will find the start of the Chimney Pond Trail off the end of the parking lot past the Campground office. The Helon Taylor Trail is 280 years in the trail on the left.

Helon Taylor and Chimney Pond Trail junction sign

This trail can also be used to descend the mountain. It joins up with the Dudley Trail and Knife Edge at Pamola Peak.

Other Trails in the Park

  • Trail Last Hiked: July 30, 2011
  • Page last updated: April 12, 2020