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Traveller Mountain Loop Trail, Baxter State Park

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Explore! Explore your world. Go find the most amazing, the most beautiful, and the most sacred places. The simplest way is on foot. Just decide where you want to explore and start walking. It will change you. You will return a changed person. Stronger, happier and more appreciative of the people and the world around you.

We have explored some of the most beautiful places in Maine. We share to inspire you to explore. To help you make that first step. Once you make that first step it's up to you what adventures your life will hold.



If you are new to hiking in Maine and don't know where to start check out the Get Started section.

Occasional Hikers

If you have hiked before in Maine and are looking for trail ideas, or the right trail for you go to the Get Inspired section. You can also browse our social media channels to get inspiration and ideas.

Seasoned Hikers

If you are experienced at hiking in Maine and are just looking for new trail ideas go to the Get Info section and find a trail that you haven't hiked before.


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